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Axe throwing leagues run for eight weeks. Everyone who loves the thrill of axe league competition are invited! Whether it’s for fun or just friendly bragging rights, we are excited to offer team oriented and individual winners to involve all levels of competition. Let the hatchets fly at Camp Adventureland, the premier place to play! Capacity is limited.


Each week, you will compete against other players, culminating in the crowning of a League Night Champion. Bragging rights assured. During our eight-week league, you will be allowed a shared 15 minute practice throw and warm up (6:45-7PM) so be there early. Your score for each throw is tallied and recorded. Each Wednesday evening you will throw a total of 4 games or 40 throws. Depending on the number of registrants the time between games will vary and you will cheer on the competition from the sidelines. Your ranking is based on your skills at hitting the bullseye and “kill shots” to get top scores. The top 10 scorers will then make it to the Championship Round in Week 8 to play a double elimination bracket to determine the League Champion!


A secret bonus envelop will be chosen for weeks 1,2,3,5,6, and 7 and opened at the end of competition. It will reward a nightly winner of the most Bulls Eyes, most 4’s, most drops, most kills shots, etc. A winner every night! Week 4 will be accompanied by a pot luck dinner so think of your favorite food share.


We are an affiliate of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), so when you compete locally, you also compete nationally. You could advance to the Regional or National Axe Throwing Playoffs and possibly, the National Championships. During weekly practice sessions you will have Axe Masters to coach beginners!


8-week league schedules:
  • Winter League begins 2nd week of January.
  • Spring League begins 2nd week of April.
  • Summer League begins 2nd week of July.
  • And the Fall League begins the 2nd week of September.

4-week mini leagues may be held between each full season pending interest.



For only $160 per player registration fee you get:

  • League Winner Trophy
  • League Winner plays free the following season
  • League Winner Check for $100
  • League Winner 50% discount on axe of choice.
  • One free 30 minute practice lane session per week (scheduled online).
  • 20% concession discounts
  • We offer a $15 league discount for active Military, Fire, EMS, and Police.

Axe throwing has become so popular because it’s fun for all people young, and old. All skill levels are welcome! Have fun, and meet new friends!


  • Remember that closed toe shoes are mandatory during game play.
  • You must be at least 10 years old to participate. The parent or guardian must be present at all times for those under 18.
  • You must pre-register for this event.
  • We are wheelchair and H/P compliant and inclusive.