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So everyone is talking about escape rooms but what are they really? An escape room can best be described as a 60-minute real life adventure game. You and your team are gathered in a themed room and are given one hour to complete a goal and “escape” the room. You become a part of the story where you work together in a race against the clock to solve puzzles, complete challenges, and decipher clues. Beating an escape room requires speed, teamwork, and creativity. Our games are great for families, friends, or corporate team-building. Our games are challenging, exciting, and are perfect for children and adults alike. Our games at Camp Adventureland are some of the most immersive escape rooms out there. You’ll feel like you entirely different world with storylines that feel like Hollywood blockbusters! All of our rooms have been created with the highest attention to detail and are filled with unique and unusual puzzles. Have the time of your life challenging your brain as you and your team use your smarts to master riddles within an hour!


Experience the thrill of Axe Throwing right in your own neighborhood! The craze of Axe throwing is an indoor recreational sport in which players throw at a target, attempting to hit the bullseye as accurately as possible. Axe throwing is kinda like a bowling alley, only way more exciting! Just about anyone can learn to hurl an axe. Our venue allows throwers as young as 10, as long as they have direct adult supervision. Safety is our main priority, each group of players is paired with our Camp Counselors who will work with you during your entire visit. After the basics, your group with go head to head to see who is the champ at throwing! But remember, axe throwing is only as competitive as you want to make it. Our sessions are typically about 2 hours, but the time flies by! If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do in your area – axe throwing is it! Whether it’s spending a casual night out with friends or looking to relieve a little stress, it’s the perfect activity for a group of any size.


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You’ve found the best corporate outing. Whether you choose our Escape Game or Axe Throwing, we provide your team with activities that will improve delegation, communication, and creativity among your employees. Camp Escape games promote challenges in an interactive environment, in which success relies on everyone contributing to the group. Our axe sessions truly get the staff to bond by cheering on their coworkers’ successes while increasing productivity and morale. We offer options for teams of all sizes!

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Gather your friends or colleagues for upcoming hatchet throwing leagues starting soon at Camp Adventureland. Keep an eye out for the many kinds of themed leagues that fit all types of different groups, ages, and skill levels. Various season lengths will accommodate any busy schedule as well. Whether it’s for fun or just friendly bragging rights, we are excited to offer team oriented and individual winners to involve all levels of competitors – Let the hatchets fly at Camp Adventureland, the premier place to play!

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Whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary, or a retirement, having your shindig at Camp Adventureland is unlike any other. We host celebrations for all ages and strive to make a lasting impression you’ll never forget! We tailor each hatchet throwing or escape room party to fit your special requests. No matter if your group is 8 or 80, we accommodate groups of all sizes for all kinds of events! Bring your friends, family, and get energized at your next special celebration, and don’t forget to make it an adventure!