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With all of the technology today, kid’s free time is absorbed by using mobile devices with their faces planted in front of a screen. We all know children should be doing at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. And most of us still fail our children by allowing inactivity to dominate our households. Kids naturally want to be active. We need to bring back children’s natural love of play…But how? Axe throwing is a fun, different way to get everyone moving. At Camp Adventureland our axe throwing lanes allow children from the ages of 10 and up to throw. This is a sport of skill, not of athleticism or strength. And the best part, axe throwing gives kids (and adults) a sneaky workout. A welcome side effect of tossing an axe at the wall is that you will get an excellent upper-body workout. No matter if you hold your axe double-handed or throw with one arm, you’re working your upper body and core.

Is it Safe?
Safety is another topic that often comes to mind when parents hear of axe throwing. Even though it may sound scary, it’s actually very safe. Our axe throwing counselors are experts at enforcing throwing safety. Each of them are trained to know a lot about axe throwing and teach you the right way to do it, also we hire mature, safety conscious coaches to keep axe throwing safety a priority. Camp Adventureland’s locations are equipped with cages in between each axe throwing lane. This not only protects people, but also allows our visitors to experience the thrill of axe throwing while on the side lines! You will always be in good hands while in our facility.

Kids are Naturals
Some say you can’t teach an old new tricks, but that’s not the case with kids. All they do is absorb information all day. Axe throwing teaches advanced motor-skills and hand-eye coordination development. Trying new things is important to kids. The ability to learn is the key to forming a great player. All of our events are staffed with trained counselors, helping groups nail the bullseye. After a few minutes your kids will have the thrill of hitting the target!

Get in the Adventure Habit!
Today’s kids are so different in their play habits. Their friends only know how to play Fortnite or find funny videos on YouTube. You can change all that! Introduce your kids to a new physical activity. Pick up the kids and come out to Camp Adventureland this weekend and let the axes fly!

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