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Quick Details

Person Ages 15+
Children Ages 6-14

Can you defeat Maxie Malone?

It’s 1929, and prohibition is the law across the United States. Maximillion Malone has been chased out of NYC by the feds and relocated in Middletown DE. Hiding low Maxi had been successfully doing business for several years until the competition squealed to the Feds.

A group of Treasury Agents pounced and closed down The Blind Tiger and haulled Maxi off the Federal Courthouse in Philly. That’s where he sits today. The da’s sending the agents back to scour the speakeasy and find some missing evidence he needs to put Maxi away for good. As Maxi’s crew it’s up to you to save the boss. You must find the crime lord’s ledger book – the biggest piece of evidence necessary to build a case and beat feat before the G-Men arrive and put you in the hooscow right next to the Boss! With success you can forgo the concrete overcoat Maxi’s has for wallflowers.