Escape Rooms

So everyone is talking about escape rooms but what are they really? An escape room can best be described as a 60-minute real life adventure game. You and your team are gathered in a themed room and are given one hour to complete the goal and “escape” the room. You become a part of the story where you work together in a race against the clock to solve puzzles, complete challenges, and decipher clues. Each puzzle is different and each are solved at different rates depending on how well you and the team work together. It’s up to you to use your logic and observation to uncover the room’s secrets and finish before time expires.

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What Our Campers Are Saying

Patrick G.
“We had a blast here. The staff was amazing and very helpful and made our first time experience a great time.”
Lizzy K.
Spent the afternoon at Camp Adventureland for something fun and different to do. Great time!!!
Luke T.
I’ve been to a few hatchet throwing places in the area and for a place that just opened I feel like it’s just what the area needs!
Brian M.
Wow, who knew we had such a great family fun place right in Middletown!

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